Cardan Shaft

From aluminum to racing, we manufacture all sorts of automotive travel shafts and also supply comprehensive parts and service for all makes and versions. We repair and custom-build shafts along with supply OEM-accepted parts for all cars, including:

passenger cars
light-duty trucks
medium-duty trucks
heavy-duty trucks
custom-built vehicles
We offer one of the largest choices of universal joints in the industry, allowing us to correct automotive drive shafts and complete custom-orders of any size quickly and with the best quality standards.
Repairing and producing new automotive shafts is a essential part of our everyday process. We pride ourselves on our turnaround occasions for our automotive drive shafts. In nearly all conditions, if your shaft is normally looking for repair, we are able to normally obtain your shaft repaired within the same working day that you post it to us, so long as we can get it early enough in your day. If you happen to be unable to receive the shaft submitted to us until later on in your day, we will help to make the maximum effort to have your travel shaft ready that you can pickup at some point during the next working day.

If you are unable to come into our Travel Shafts, Inc. location, that is fine. When you can deliver us the automotive drive shafts that you need repaired, we are able to make the desired repairs and ship them back. Also, in case you are in want of a brand new shaft, just contact and/or email a Travel Shafts, Inc. employee and we’ll be sure to truly get you what you need.
We are actually mainly engaged in making all types of Cardan Shafts, Curved Tooth Couplings and Drum Gear Couplings, they are widely used in Rolling mill, Paper-making machinery, Equipment plant, Machine repair plant, Pump machine, Crane system, Textile machine, Power station products, Heavy-loaded plants of basic machinery development, Mining machinery, Rubber machinery, General machinery construction plants, Cement industry, Truck, Forklift, Car machinery, Metallurgy machinery, Petroleum machinery and other market machinery.
Cardan Shafts, as well as called u-joints, facilitate reliable torque transfer between spatially remote control drive and outcome trains. Cardan shafts from Ever-Power offer suitable mechanical drive solutions in almost all industrial sectors due to their versatile style and their high proficiency.

Our weight-optimised, Cardan Shaft energy-efficient, high-overall performance universal joint shafts are developed by using advanced methods and FEM calculations to provide optimal tube wall strengths and diameters for high torsion and bending resistance.