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Equipment couplings are torsionally rigid and are equipped to two patterns – fully versatile and flexible/rigid. A entirely flexible coupling comprises two hubs with an exterior equipment and two outer sleeves with an internal equipment. It really is a common coupling for all sorts of purposes and accommodates all attainable misalignments (angular, offset and blended) as effectively as large axial moments. Devices, bearings, seals, and shafts are therefore not subjected to the extra forces, often of substantial magnitude, which crop up from unavoidable misalignment usually linked with rigid shaft couplings.
A adaptable/rigid coupling includes one particular adaptable geared fifty percent and one rigid fifty percent. It does not accommodate parallel displacement of shafts but does accommodate angular misalignment. This kind of couplings are mainly employed for “floating shaft” purposes.
Dimensions 010 – 070 all have crowned teeth with a 20° stress speak to (fig one). This enables to accommodate up to 1,5° static angular misalignment per gear mesh. Nonetheless, reducing the operational misalignment will optimize the life of the coupling as well as the life of other machinery components these kinds of as bearings and so forth.

gear coupling is a torsionally rigid grease loaded coupling consisting of two hubs with exterior multicrown – and two flanged sleeves with straight internal tooth. The flanged sleeves are bolted together with high energy corrosion safeguarded equipped bolts and nuts. The sleeve is at the opposite side of the flange executed with an endcap (internal for small and screwed for big dimensions couplings) in which the o-ring is positioned for sealing needs. The gear coupling has been made to transmit the torque among these two flanges by way of friction avoiding fretting corrosion between these faces.

The teeth of hub and sleeve are continually in make contact with with each and every other and have been designed with the necessary backlash to accommodate angular-, parallel- and axial misalignment within their misalignment capacity. The angular and parallel misalignment capacity is identified by the equipment tooth layout and is for the regular equipment max. one.5° levels (2 x .75°) in total. The axial misalignment potential is restricted by the equipment tooth length in the sleeve and can be varied (optionally).

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One joint gear couplings are also employed to link two nominally coaxial shafts. In this software the gadget is named a equipment-sort adaptable, or adaptable coupling. The single joint enables for slight misalignments these kinds of as set up glitches and modifications in shaft alignment because of to functioning problems. These varieties of equipment couplings are generally limited to angular misalignments of 1/4–1/2°.

Gear couplings are typically minimal to angular misalignments, i.e., the angle of the spindle relative to the axes of the linked shafts, of 4–5°. Common joints are able of larger misalignments.

Equipment couplings and universal joints are utilized in related applications. Gear couplings have greater torque densities than universal joints created to match a presented space even though common joints induce reduce vibrations. The limit on torque density in common joints is because of to the restricted cross sections of the cross and yoke. The equipment tooth in a gear coupling have large backlash to allow for angular misalignment. The excess backlash can lead to vibration.

Every joint is made up of a one:1 gear ratio inner/exterior gear pair. The tooth flanks and outer diameter of the exterior gear are topped to let for angular displacement in between the two gears. Mechanically, the gears are equal to rotating splines with modified profiles. They are known as gears due to the fact of the reasonably massive dimensions of the enamel.

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China fluid coupling

China fluid coupling

If you are satisfied with our yoxdiiz fluid coupling transmission, welcome to wholesale the ideal high quality, protected and sturdy equipment with our manufacturing unit. We also welcome tailored orders. Verify the price tag record and the quotation with our manufacturers and suppliers now.

In the multi-motor generate system, the load distribution of every single motor can be well balanced owing to the weakening of the mechanical qualities of the driving system.

Equilibrium the power output of every motor.

Coupling can achieve overload defense of motor and working mechanism, hydraulic coupling, with auxiliary chamber before on it based mostly on the fluid in the outer load immediately alter the operating cavity amount, hence engage in a position overload protection.

It has overload security.

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China fluid coupling

China fluid coupling

If you are pleased with our minimal torque fluid coupling, welcome to wholesale the greatest good quality, safe and resilient equipment with our manufacturing facility. We also welcome custom-made orders. Check out the price tag list and the quotation with our companies and suppliers now.
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Solution Usage:

Transmission sort: one, hydraulic coupling 2, brake wheel

five simple construction, reliable, no mechanical put on, no particular routine maintenance.

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China fluid coupling

China fluid coupling
Fluid Coupling is a easy mechanical unit that connects a prime mover, usually a squirrel cage motor, to a pushed gear. These can be conveyors, crushers, lovers, pumps and blowers. They are utilised in several industries like power era, metallic Development, mining and quarrying, petrochemical and foodstuff production. They have supplied over 70 many many years of trustworthy effective method, and even so offer you the engineer with a reliable strategy of starting an operating weighty industrial items.

Fluid Coupling Issues:
Provides a cozy commence for the motor
Lowered motor current
Smooth managed acceleration
Overload safety
Isolates shock loading and torsional vibration
Standard and respected products
Large operating effectiveness
Tolerant to insufficient/small electrical offer
China fluid coupling
YOXVS can make far more time of the keep off chamber and Aux chamber-in composition.The features is to lengthier the time of the commencing time,About thirty-50s,it really is extremely fixed to increase the time of the belt conveyor

and delay the commencing time

If you are content with our yoxvs adaptable bucket wheel excavator fluid coupler, welcome to wholesale the finest high quality, protected and tough products with our factory. We also welcome personalized orders. Analyze the price tag listing and the quotation with our producers and suppliers now.
China fluid coupling
YOXVIIZ Fluid Coupling
The hydraulic coupling is a non – rigid coupling for the working medium of liquid, also identified as hydraulic coupling.

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planetary track drive

Planetary Gear Drive
Drive type: speed reducer
Result torque: 33,895 Nm (25,000 lb-ft)
Max input speed: 2800 rpm
Variety of input options
Straight in for an upon centerline adaptation giving a symmetrical clearance around the hydraulic motor input
Offset straight in enables the hydraulic electric motor be mounted off center
Right angle input moves the hydraulic engine perpendicular to the centerline of the planetary drive for added clearance between components on track drives
Output options
With external shaft includes keyed, flanged or spline options to meet the many required output connections
An added output choice includes the result without external shaft by offering an internal spline at the output
Planetary Gear Drive
Input power (max)71 kW (95 hp)
Input speed (max)2800 rpm2
Output torque (intermittent)33,895 Nm (25,000 lb-ft)
Output torque (continuous)18,710 Nm (13,800 lb-ft)
1 Actual ratio is dependent on the drive configuration.
2 Max input speed related to ratio and max result speed
3 Max radial load placed at optimum load position
4 Weight varies with configuration and ratio Planetary Track Drive selected
5 Requires tapered roller planet bearings (not available with all ratios)
General data
Approximate dry weight215 – 263 kg (475 – 580 lb)4
Radial load (max)28,570 kg (63,000 lb)3
Drive typeSpeed reducer
Hydraulic engine inputSAE C or D
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Planetary Track Drives
High torque and load capacities, to transport equipment more than the roughest and steepest terrain.
Designed to allow mounting of plug-in motors.
Integral multi-disc parking brakes, whilst still keeping the drive small.
Steel or high-influence spheroidal cast iron framework.
Primary bearings provided for high radial and axial load capacities.
Easy maintenance: filling and draining ports locations easy to reach.
Front side mechanical seal designed specifically for the earth-moving devices.
Optimum Torque Up to 170,000 Nm
Tranny Ratio Up to 230 iN
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Brevini planetary track drives are made for tracked automobiles and earth-moving devices. They possess a heavy-duty casing, a short overall length, and great radial and axial load capability.
Our gearboxes are given with essential multidisc parking brake and also have been made for direct installation of hydraulic plug-in motors. The careful choice of the materials and style allows our track drives, CTD and CTU, to be used in the most severe environmental working circumstances. Brevini planetary monitor drive units will be the perfect option for crawled undercarriages, drilling, crushing, screening and piling machines.
Planetary Track and Wheel drives
The modern and innovative style, the compact construction and the wonderful performance characteristics of the PGR/PGW group of gear units make these especially suitable for traveling rubber tired or tracked self-propelled vehicles.
These compact planetary monitor drives are specifically made for tracked vehicles: excavators and earth-moving machines.
They have a heavy-duty casing, a brief overall length, and great radial and axial load capacity.
They have an intrinsic multidisc failsafe brake and will be installed directly on hydraulic motors and are prepared to accept ‘plug-in’ hydraulic motors.
Shaft orientation:
> 10 kNm
high-torque, high load capacity
Other characteristics:
for wheel and track drives, compact, rugged, for construction vehicles
This gear shaft final drive includes LO-HI speed and was designed for increased performance. That is extremely useful especially in wheeled and tracked devices, which feature a significantly different operating/travel acceleration ratio.
Note that that is also the proper product for road paving devices, along with construction equipment and forestry machines.
Last drive motors are hydraulic motors with a speed reducing, torque multiplying planetary gear set. In this post, we’ll talk about planetary gear units, the parts that produce them up, and how they function.
Planetary Gears and Final Drive Motors
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Last Drive Motors and Gears
3 Things YOU HAVE TO KNOW About Gear Oil for Final Drives
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Low Quickness, High Torque Motors
Most of the hydraulic motors used for propel motors are low-speed, high-torque (LSHT) motors. Acceleration and torque are related by power:
Power = Speed x Torque
That means if we want to enhance torque for confirmed horsepower, we have to reduce speed:
Torque = Power / Speed
Hence the word “low-speed, high-torque.” One method of reducing acceleration involves the use of planetary gears. They offer speed reduction which results in torque multiplication. Plus they do that all in a compact package in comparison with gear and pinion quickness reducers, and which means they have excellent torque density. Below you can view a planetary gear system from a final drive motor.
Planetary gear established from your final drive showing the carrier, ring equipment, sun equipment, and planetary gears
Carrier for a set of three planetary gears from your final drive
Planetary Gear Systems
In your final drive gear hub, you will most likely have two sets of three planetary gears that rotate in regards to a sun gear. They also mesh with a stationary ring gear. The upper group of planetary gears are held with each other by a carrier, as shown in the picture above. As possible plainly see, all three gears are arranged the same distance from one another. At the guts is a place for sun gear to mesh and provide input to the system.
How Final Drive Planetary Gears Work
Let’s take a simplified look at the way the planetary gears in your final drive work. Insight power causes the sun gear to rotate at high acceleration. The planets mesh with both the sun equipment and the ring gear. They orbit sunlight gear while rolling around the ring gear. The effect is low swiftness, high torque result rotation.
Maintaining the Planetary Gearbox
On a final drive motor, the planetary gearbox requires gear oil, also known as equipment lube. It is vital to check the apparatus oil amounts about every 100 hours and change the gear oil one per year. If you don’t change out your gear oil, you’ll end up with a solid sludge that will lead to excessive put on of your planetary gear system. Here at Texas Final Drive, we refer to that as “pudding.”
Another key aspect of maintaining your planetary gearbox is usually fixing any leaking seals immediately. If a seal is usually degraded enough to allow essential oil to leak out, after that that means dirt and dirt can make their method in. You don’t want your gears look like the gritty mess proven below.
Your planetary gearbox is an essential component of your final drive. If it fails, you won’t be able to generate the torque you need to keep your machine moving. Remember to check and modify the gear oil and don’t disregard leaks. And don’t forget that pudding and grit aren’t the thing you need in your gearbox!
The present day and innovative style, the compact construction and the wonderful performance characteristics of the PGR/PGW series of gear units make these especially ideal for generating rubber tired or tracked self-propelled vehicles.

Greenhouse gear driver

The EP Greenhouse gear reducer is a concise and lightweight reduction geared motor with an integrated limit switch system that’s suitable for assembly of a locally available electric engine. The geared motor is utilized in manually-managed or climate-controlled ventilation and display screen systems in greenhouses. The quick and easy-to-install EP reducer can be rainproof and windproof. The geared motor includes a high protection class (IP65) and can be used in an ambient temperature of 0-60 °C.

The low-noise gearbox for Greenhouse has a gearwheel transmission and a worm wheel transmission, which are integrated within an aluminum precision housing. The self-braking worm wheel transmitting means that the drive shaft is usually locked when the reduction gear reducer isn’t running. The completely sealed reduction gear motor has an expansion chamber with a diaphragm to keep the gear essential oil at a minimal pressure under all conditions, even at high temperatures. Thanks to the use of an expansion chamber, the geared motor can be installed in any placement. There are no limitations, since there is no need for a bleed connect. The sealed reduction reducer keeps the gear oil of the geared motor in optimum condition for its entire operating lifetime. The gear reducer is suitable for discontinuous use, operating course s3-30%, with a maximum activation time of 25 minutes.

The Gear box reduction gear motor has an FT85 motor assembly flange, on to which a suitable IEC standard motor can easily be installed (EN 50347).

The Gear box has a rotating limit switch system with operating switches and circuit breakers (NC contacts) for turning off by the end positions. The limit change system is installed in an built-in chamber and is certainly enclosed by an impact-resistant plastic cover. The limit change system is accessible and simple to adjust. The limit change system’s maximum switching range is 40 or 64 revolutions of the drive shaft. The cabling is connected in spring-clip connections. The geared motor has an IP68 M16 x 1.5 cable gland (5-9 mm cable) for the cable feed-through.

The gear motor for greenhouse includes 16 teeth 5/8”x3/8” sprockets, keys and fasteners. The accompanying chain couplings and assembly plates are available as accessories.

Optimum drive torque of 150 Nm or 450 Nm.
Rotational speeds of 3 or 5 rpm for a mains frequency of 50 Hz or 3.6 or 6 rpm for a mains frequency of 60 Hz in the event of program of 4-pole electric motor.
Protection class IP65.
May be used in ambient temperature ranges of 0-60°C.
Suitable for discontinuous use, operating class s3-30%, optimum activation time 25 mins.
Equipped as regular with 16-tooth galvanised chain coupling 5/8″x3/8″.
FT85 motor assembly flange for installation of IEC regular motor (EN 50347).
Maximum switching selection of limit switch program 40 or 64 revolutions of the drive shaft.
IP68 M16x1.5 cable gland for cable feedthrough (5-9 mm cable).

Plastic pulley

Plastic pulleys are employing nearly all industry. Plastic-type pulleys has benefits more than metal pulleys.Ever-power is definitely leading manufacturer of plastics pulleys in China. Choose the plastics pulleys best price and best Quality where you are in accurate place. We suply plastic-type material pulley Ø25 mm up to Ø1200 mm. Our wide range of options to match your requirements with plastic rollers.

Plastics pulleys are 1/8th the weight of metal or iron pulleys
Longer Rope Life
The rope pulleys will flex under the load of the rope providing increased support to the rope.
Corrosion Resistant
Castomid Plastic Pulleys won’t rust or corrode.
nylon/Polyamide pulleys are superior to aluminum or steel pulleys for wire rope load applications. For more than 50 years, they have replaced steel and aluminium pulleys in cranes, hoists and additional load bearing wire rope applications. Cast nylon/polyamide sheaves are actually the sheaves favored by the world’s leading crane and hoist manufacturers as well as in a variety of other durable mechanical applications.
• Advantage 1 – Improved Service Life
• Advantage 2 – Corrosion Protection
• Advantage 3 – Reduced Weight
• Advantage 4 – Custom Engineered
Plastic Pulley
Round-Belt Pulleys
Material: Nylon plastic
Attach these pulleys directly onto a shaft to transmit rotary motion and torque. Commonly found in harsh environments and wet conditions, they are corrosion and abrasion resistant. The bore could be machined to your specific specification
Round-Belt Idler Pulleys
Material: Nylon plastic
These pulleys spin freely on built-in bearings to keep up tension for reduced wear and vibration. They are often used with belt tensioners (sold separately). Ball bearings are double sealed to maintain dirt out. Nylonpulleys are light-weight and corrosion and abrasion resistant.
XL Series Light-weight Timing Belt Pulleys
Acetal and aluminum building makes these pulleys useful in weight-sensitive applications. Each is XL series (extra light)and also have trapezoidal teeth. Select a pulley with a maximum belt width that’s the same or larger than your timing belt width.
MXL Series Light-weight Timing Belt Pulleys
Polycarbonate construction makes these pulleys useful in applications with weight constraints. All are MXL series (miniatureextra light) and have trapezoidal teeth. Decide on a pulley with a maximum belt width that’s the same or larger than your timing belt width.
V-Belt Pulleys
Material: Nylon plastic
Pulleys for 2L and 3L belt are for fractional-horsepower V-belt drives.
UHMW pulleys can be machined to your precise specifications.
V-Belt Idler Pulleys
Material: Nylon plastic
These pulleys spin freely on built-in ball bearings to maintain tension for reduced wear and vibration. Commonly used with belt tensioners (offered separately), they are lightweight and corrosion and abrasion resistant. Bearings are double sealed to maintain dirt out.
Pulleys for Wire Rope-For Horizontal Pulling
Material:Acetal plastic
Also called sheaves, use these pulleys to assist with horizontal pulling or even to guide a rope.
Pulleys with a bearing are simpler to turn than pulleys with out a bearing.
Acetal and nylon are lightweight and corrosion resistant.
Plastic Pulley – Single Sheave
Excellent quality, free-working pulley manufactured from rigid plastic for increased durability. Deep V-grooves. Plastic pins allow you to build single, double, or triple sheave pulleys, and hinges can be used to join pulleys.
Nylon Plastic Pulley Wheels
With sincerity and effort of our professionals, we have carved a distinct segment for ourselves in this domain by giving reduced quality gamut of Nylon Plastic-type material Pulley Wheels.
Single Plastic Pulley

Manufactured from rigid colored plastic material with deep V-grooves. Well balanced for free motion. Pulleys are about 50mm in diameter and so are mounted in parallel setting on aluminium strips with hooks at both ends. Separately packed. Single.
Nylon Plastic Carbon Steel Bearings Pulley Wheels
10pcs 5*23*7mm Nylon Plastic-type Carbon Metal Bearings Pulley Wheels
* Top quality marterial, durable
* Deep groove ball bearings, fashionable, slide flexible,
* Ideal for furniture hardware accessories, mobile doors, glass sliding doors, aluminum doors and windows, shower pulleys and drawers, etc.

– Due to different generating batches, product details may be a little different. In the event that you minding the difference, please buy it carefully.
– Please allow 1-3mm distinctions due to manual measurement.
– Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.
30x8mm U Ball Bearing Information Pulley POM Embedded 608 Groove
Injection Material: POM
Bearing Material: High Carbon Steel
Color: White
Inner Diameter: 8mm/0.3 inch
Outer Diameter: 30mm/1.2 inch
Thickness: 10mm/0.4 inch
Groove Depth: 2.5mm/0.1 inch
Groove Width: 5mm/0.2 inch

– Deep groove ball bearings, fashionable, slide versatile, compression wear.
– Ideal for furniture hardware accessories, mobile doors, glass sliding doors,
aluminum windows and doors, shower pulleys and drawers, etc.

Package Included:
1 x Ball Bearings Guide Pulley
Plastic Timing Pulley 90T
Ever-power plastic material timing pulley 90T is made from plastic, that includes a lighter weight. It can be used as a car’s wheel in DIY designs. Moreover, 12 M4 holes in it also allow to be used as the plate in Ever-power platform.
· Made from plastic.
· 90 tooth timing pulley with a stage diameter of 10*7.5mm.
· Compatible with MXL Timing Belt.
· Can be used with TT Motor.
· Can also be utilized as an automobile wheel.
· With 12 M4 holes
· Offered in Packs of 4.
Plastic Timing Pulley 62T
Ever-power plastic timing pulley 62T is made from plastic, which has a lighter weight. It is used as a car’s wheel in DIY designs. Furthermore, 12 M4 holes in it also allow to be used as the plate in Ever-power platform.
· Made from plastic.
· 62 tooth timing pulley with a step diameter of 10*7.5mm.
· Compatible with MXL Timing Belt.
· Can be utilized with TT Motor.
· Can also be utilized as a car wheel.
· With 12 M4 holes
· Offered in Packs of 4.

planetary wheel drive

The gear reduction in a right-angle worm drive would depend on the amount of threads or “starts” on the worm and the amount of teeth on the Planetary Wheel Drive mating worm wheel. If the worm has two begins and the mating worm wheel has 50 tooth, the resulting equipment ratio is 25:1 (50 / 2 = 25).

Calculating the apparatus ratio in a planetary equipment reducer is less intuitive as it is dependent upon the amount of teeth of sunlight and band gears. The planet gears act as idlers and don’t affect the gear ratio. The planetary equipment ratio equals the sum of the number of teeth on sunlight and ring equipment divided by the number of teeth on sunlight gear. For instance, a planetary established with a 12-tooth sun gear and 72-tooth ring gear has a gear ratio of 7:1 ([12 + 72]/12 = 7). Planetary gear units can achieve ratios from about 3:1 to about 11:1. If more gear reduction is necessary, additional planetary stages can be used.

If a pinion gear and its mating gear have the same number of teeth, no decrease occurs and the gear ratio is 1:1. The apparatus is called an idler and its primary function is to change the direction of rotation rather than decrease the speed or boost the torque.

Parallel shaft gearboxes many times contain multiple gear units thereby increasing the gear reduction. The total gear decrease (ratio) depends upon multiplying each individual equipment ratio from each equipment established stage. If a gearbox includes 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 gear models, the full total ratio is 60:1 (3 x 4 x 5 = 60). In our example above, the 3,450 rpm electric engine would have its acceleration decreased to 57.5 rpm by utilizing a 60:1 gearbox. The 10 lb-in electric electric motor torque would be risen to 600 lb-in (before efficiency losses).

precision planetary gearbox

Ever-Power Automation’s Gearbox products offer high precision in affordable prices! The Planetary Gearbox product offering contains both In-Line and Right-Position configurations, built with the look goal of supplying a cost-effective gearbox, without sacrificing quality. These Planetary Gearboxes are available in sizes from 40mm to 180mm, perfect for motors ranging from NEMA 17 to NEMA 42 and larger. The Spur Gearbox range provides an efficient, cost-effective option compatible with Ever-Power Automation’s AC Induction Gear Motors. Ever-Power Automation’s Gearboxes can be found in up to 30 different gear ratios, with torque ratings up to 10,488 in-lbs (167,808 oz-in), and are appropriate for most Servo,
SureGear Planetary Gearboxes for Small Ever-Power Motors
The SureGear PGCN series is a superb gearbox value for servo, stepper, and other motion control applications requiring a NEMA size input/output interface. It provides the best quality designed for the price point.
Wide range of ratios (5, 10, 25, 50, and 100:1)
Low backlash of 30 arc-min or less
20,000 hour service life
Maintenance free; requires no additional lubrication
NEMA sizes 17, 23, and 34
Includes hardware for installation to SureStep stepper motors
Optional shaft bushings available for mounting to other motors
1-year warranty
Material handling
Pick and place
Additional motion control applications requiring a Ever-Power input/output
The Ever-Power series includes a 90° input via helical bevel gear. It features an exceptionally short, light yet rigid housing and complete compatibility with standard motor adapters. Highest Precision, Highest Torque and Quiet Operation are given by 100% optimized Helical Gearing. High Axial and Radial Loads supplied by High Precision Taper Roller Bearings.
Output torque
T2N : 9 Nm – 2000 Nm
1-stage :3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/14/20
2-stage :
Only AFR042 2-stage offers 15,20 option.
Low backlash
1-stage : ≤2arcmin / ≤4arcmin / ≤6arcmin
2-stage : ≤4arcmin / ≤7arcmin / ≤9arcmin
high efficiency
1-stage :≧ 95%
2-stage :≧ 92%
Easy mount
Low Noise
The Most Professional Servomotor Drive Planetary Gearbox .Ever-Power is an internationally leader in manufacturing of planetary gearboxes. Predicated on more than twenty years of accumulated production and marketing experience, plus the highest degree of technical production capabilities, Apex Dynamics, Inc. designed and built a technically advanced, high rate, low backlash servo program planetary gearbox. Our Break through patented technology (over 6 patents), provides the consumer with the the best high precision helical reducer at an acceptable price and emerges with the only suggestion to toe 5-Year warranty in the industry today, like the seals and bearings. Our firm slogan is TRUTHFUL Accountable CREATIVE. The principal focus in daily operation is quality. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality; our duty, is client satisfaction. We are continually improving processes, finding correct and effective methods to provide customers new solutions for difficult applications, and developing services.
1. Gearbox Casing & Flange: Aluminum-alloy Die Casting ADC12
2. Gearset: Precision Planetary Gear Set
Ring Gears: 40Cr
Planetary Gears: 20CrMnTi, Surface Hardness HRC58~62, Internal Hardness HRC33~40
3. Input Configurations:
Keyed Hollow Shaft with Engine Adaptor
4. Output Configurations:
Keyed Solid Shaft Output
Keyless Solid Shaft Output
5. Applicable Motors:
Servo Motors, Stepper Motors
PAB/PABR Series, PPG Series
1. EP high percision planetary gearboxes which includes a full series of inline(precision planetary gearbox linear) and right angle precision planetary gearboxes
2. High precision, high dynamic, low backlash
3. Up to 3 optional backlash: Ultra Precision Backlash, High Precision Backlash, Standard Backlash
4. Superior efficiency for precision commercial automation and servo applications
In a planetary gearbox, many teeth are engaged at once, which allows high speed decrease to be performed with fairly small gears and lower inertia reflected back to the electric motor. Having multiple teeth discuss the load also allows planetary gears to transmit high degrees of torque. The mixture of compact size, large speed decrease and high torque tranny makes planetary gearboxes a popular choice for space-constrained applications.
But planetary gearboxes perform involve some disadvantages. Their complexity in style and manufacturing can make them a more expensive answer than various other gearbox types. And precision manufacturing is extremely important for these gearboxes. If one planetary equipment is positioned closer to sunlight gear than the others, imbalances in the planetary gears may appear, resulting in premature wear and failing. Also, the small footprint of planetary gears makes warmth dissipation more difficult, therefore applications that operate at very high speed or encounter continuous operation may require cooling.
When using a “standard” (i.e. inline) planetary gearbox, the motor and the driven equipment should be inline with one another, although manufacturers offer right-angle designs that incorporate other gear sets (often bevel gears with helical the teeth) to provide an offset between your input and output.
Input power (max)27 kW (36 hp)
Input speed (max)2800 rpm2
Output torque (intermittent)12,880 Nm(9,500 lb-ft)
Output torque (continuous)8,135 Nm (6,000 lb-ft)
1 Actual ratio is dependent on the drive configuration.
2 Max input speed linked to ratio and max result speed
3 Max radial load placed at optimum load position
4 Weight varies with configuration and ratio selected
5 Requires tapered roller planet bearings (unavailable with all ratios)
Approximate dry weight100 -181 kg (220 – 400 lb)4
Radial load (max)14,287kg (31,500 lb)3
Drive typeSpeed reducer
Hydraulic motor input SAE C or D hydraulic